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With numerous beach side towns, beautiful cities, rich cultural heritage, fishing forts, varied flora and fauna and abundant landscapes to explore, Morocco offers you with innumerable vacation memories. Whether you want to enjoy an marvellous honeymoon, take a break from your gruelling routine or just relax and explore the true Islamic heritage, Morocco will provide you with all.

A popular tourist spot

Do you have plans to travel to Morocco any time sooner? If your answer is a yes, it is important that you must have some basic idea about the country as a whole and how it has emerged as such a popular tourist destination among the foreign tourists. The varied cultural diversity along with the natural and the historical assets have made the country so popular today.

Get to know a brief of Morocco

Morocco is situated in North Africa with coastline on the Mediterranean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. Officially, it is known by the name Kingdom of Morocco and historically it is a prominent destination. The country has been under the reign of several independent dynasties since the first Moroccan state emerged in 789.

With an elected Parliament, Morocco is a constitutional monarchy, where the king has the legislative and executive powers over religious matters, foreign policies and the military. Islam is the primary religion, with Arabic and Tamarzight being the official languages. French is also one language that is widely spoken all across the nation.

Morocco seems to be every tourist’s dream destination and its close proximity to Europe is the main reason for finding the European flavour in the country and the high influx of foreigners. The countryside and the coasts have plenty to offer and entice the tourists all over the year. Marrakesh, Casablanca, Fez, Rabat, Essaouira etc are some of the major destinations that you simply cannot give a miss.

Some of the best places to visit


Marrakesh is one of the top attractions and is also known by the name, “Pearl of the South”. When you visit the city, you will get the impression of stepping two centuries back with the activities like hammering of metal by coppersmiths, selling of traditional carpets and kaftas, workers involved in wool making etc. The major attractions of the city include, Saadian Tombs, Koutoubia Mosque, Majorelle Gardens, Medrassa Ben Youssef, Jemaa el-Fnaa.


Fez is a vital industry and commerce hub. Craft making and textile making is one of the primary part of Fez’s current economy. The old quarters of the city has been considered as the world heritage by UNESCO. Apart from being a religious enter, Fez is also magnificent in terms of the architectural beauty. You will simply not stop admitting the beauty of the historical gems like Qarawiyin Mosque, Imperial Palace, Fondouk Nejjarine, Bab Bou Jeloud, Moulay Idriss II Mausoleum.


Casablanca has emerged as an important and a primary global business center with major port activity. It is one of the most developed and progressed cities of Morocco with a touch of international flavour. You will be mesmerized to find the floating Hassan II Mosque, which is perhaps the most beautiful site to look at.


Rabat is the capital city of Morocco with a prominence of Islamic and French flavour. At the center of the city, you will find the Hassan Tower, the unfinished mosque. Rabat serves as one of the most important cities of Morocco and tourism plays a very big role in the economy. It was once a port city but the silt related issues have completely diminished the trade.


Essaouira was once known as Mogador and is situated between Agadir in the south and Safi to the north. The city is well protected by wall from the pirates, but you won’t be away from the beauty of the sea and the beach. La Skala du Port and Porte de la Marine are the highlighting monuments of the city.

The above mentioned are some of the sites of Morocco that makes it such a beautiful nation. There are some more destinations that you must visit as a tourist. Let us have a look at them:

  • Tangier
  • Chefchaouen
  • Merzouga
  • Erg Chigaga
  • Dades Valley
  • El Jadida

What do you know about the transportation?

If you are looking for a comfortable ride, trains can be an excellent option to consider. Their frequency and speed is also one of the prime reasons for their preference over other mediums of transport. Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakech, Fez, Meknes etc have good train networks.

You have the option of travelling via the luxury buses as well with all the comfort and ease, but at reasonable and budget friendly price rates. For the baggage, you will be charged separately. The buses are air conditioned and can link almost all the major rail systems.

Furthermore, local buses are also available for those with the limited budget. The shortcomings with the local buses are that they stop almost everywhere and henceforth are very slow to reach any destination.

You can opt for the shared taxi services, which seems to be a very common mode of transport in Morocco. They are also known as grand taxi and they function between the towns and cities. The fares are usually fixed and get divided between the passengers travelling. The cars are six passenger seats, two sharing the front seat and the four at the rear.

In case, you are looking for comfort and an additional leg room and space, you have the option of paying extra for a seat and travel like a king. It has been found that the grand taxis are less expensive than the luxury buses, but costlier than the local buses. You need to be ready to pay little extra if you are travelling at night. Hitchhiking is also a very popular transportation mode here.

Book your tickets today

Morocco is no doubt a dream destination and possesses everything that will give you cherished and unforgettable memories. If you had any doubts regarding tourism in the North African nation, you can be assured that you will not be disappointed with your travel to Morocco. What are you waiting for? Book your tickets today and experience a lifetime journey.

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