Things To Do In Marrakech

Things To Do In Marrakech : 8 Best Things

Are you looking for things to do in Marrakech, say no more. In this article, we will help you plan the 8 best things you can do in Marrakech. So, don’t go anywhere before we spill beans, buddy!

1- Explore Jamaa El Fnaa

You can’t visit Marrakech without seeing Jamaâ El Fna place to enjoy the Moorish ambiance of Marrakech. How about some acrobatics and historic storytellers? You can try some delicious snacks, either out or in one of the restaurants spread in the square. It’s a spread air museum par excellence.

2- Ride Kutchi and Eat Tajine

Take a horse-drawn carriage tour to see the red city between monuments and souks. No doubt it was included on the list of the UNESCO World Heritage in 1985. Your trip will not be complete without eating tajine with vegetables and meat with Moroccan. Locals prepare it with love and tourists enjoy it.

3- Marrakech Shopping

If you are a shopping fan, then Marrakech is your heaven. Its markets are magical, and it is no wonder that this city is famous for them. It offers everything you need from different products, fabrics, and handicrafts. You can even take unique souvenirs for friends and family.

4- Enjoy the snow in Oukaimden

If you adore winter and snowfall then you are promised a unique experience in Oukaimeden Marrakech. You can take some lovely photos of the mountain to remember this magical place. The place has hotels and the essentials for great partner trips.

5- An afternoon in the Majorelle gardens

Majorelle gardens are not far from the city center. The Majorelle gardens have a breathtaking view, its design is the mirror of Moroccan history. Majorelle Gardens receive more than a thousand visitors every day from all over the world. The entry price remains symbolic and the administration of the park carries out a price discount for families and tourist groups.

6- A tour in Bab Debbagh

ََA tour in Bab Dabbagh is a must. Carrying the spearmint leaf helps ease the scent of leather, but trust me, you won’t even need it because you will be charmed y the place. You don’t need to hire a guide because the place is clean and the tour is free. You can even purchase leather products and learn about the process of preparing leather.

7- Moroccan Hammam

You will not feel complete without taking a pure Moroccan Hammam. These popular hammams feature hot tubs and a natural sauna. They even offer massages. Don’t be shocked when u see naked people because Moroccans love bathing without clothes, and women can wear the lower part of the bikini in some of them. Bring your towel and you will get out of there shining.

8- Stay in a Marrakech Riad

Riad is a popular accommodation in Marrakech. A very quiet Moroccan-designed place to relax. We can call it a pure cultural experience since a Riad is characterized by beautiful Moroccan themes and architecture. I mean you can to Marrakech to explore the culture not to stay in a sad hotel room after all, right?

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