Morocco Tourism

Morocco Tourism Best Features

Morocco tourism is an active sector, unlike many countries. You will not feel its true beauty if you do not set foot on its land; There are many factors that make Morocco a tourist destination, such as:


The old Moroccan cities are absolutely one of the most catchy cities for tourists. Their great history dates back centuries. You can visit the Medina of Fez, Essaouira, Marrakech, and other ancient cities.


Morocco has many amazing landscapes, such as mountain peaks; Among the most important are the peaks of the High Atlas mountains and the countryside mountain ranges, as well as desert oases, rugged coastal lines, waterfalls, and caves in the forest hills.


It possesses an excellent position on the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, as well as being a linking point between Africa and Europe. Its unique shaped some of the marvelous landscapes and ancient religious and historical monuments.

The Best Time for Morocco Tourism

The summer is absolutely one of the best times for tourism in Morocco. The weather in this period is warm in the morning and mild at night, with weak prospects for rain, as the Mediterranean climate dominates, which is characterized by mild temperatures during the winter season, and relatively high during the summer.

Best Destinations for Tourists :


Casablanca is home to an unusual distinct local Moroccan craftsmanship. You can walk around the old center of Casablanca to discover its past. It is famous for its ornate architecture, European shapes that the French left, and unique Moroccan style.

Do not forget Hassan II Mosque as it is the most important religious landmark of not only Casablanca but Morocco. It is the second-biggest mosque in the world.


Tangier attracted all kinds of famous people. Some of them were Henry Mattis and the famous band “The Rolling Stones”, and has been an inspirational city to many novelists and lyricists.
Tangier Kasbah, one of its monuments, dates back to the 17th century. If you are a fan of Greek methodology then you can visit the Caves of Hercules as well.


The impressive Moorish architecture reflects the amalgamation of Arab and European influences. The Medina dates back to the 11th century and was once the greatest capital of imperial Morocco.

You can explore the beautiful Mansur Gate and head to the Lahdim Square facing Bab Al Mansour, the main square of the Medina.

get to know the founder of the city by visiting the Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail, located in the heart of Meknes.


Agadir is the largest beach resort in Morocco. Its warm winter makes it a popular winter destination for those who want to escape the winter slump and relax in the sun.

You can try some fresh fish and marvelous seafood in the afternoon. Do not forget to visit one of the biggest markets in Africa “Souq Lhed”, filled with local handicrafts.

Besides enjoying the beach, you can get acquainted with the most important landmarks of the city, the Agadir Oufella, on the top of the hill consisting of walls and ruins, representing the defensive naval forts during the sixteenth century against the Portuguese attacks.

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