Morocco Restaurants

Morocco Restaurants : 7 restaurants you shouldn’t miss

Who among us does not like the delicious Moroccan food, especially the traditional one? Tourists, who come to Morocco restaurants swear to have tasted the best food in the world. No need to ask these tourists yourself because we already got their answers. Here are 7 of the best restaurants in Morocco:

EL TORO , Agadir

You will spend a pleasant evening there, one of the top restaurants in Souss. Reception, Service, and food are just impeccable. Very colorful dishes that you will not regret eating there. In addition to the nice terrace, they also prepare an amazing “paella“. The most important: a friendly service at a reasonable price. Easily accessible on the seaside promenade. The menu is diverse for varied tastes.

La Table By Madada , Essaouira

Beautiful decor with very friendly service. A beautiful restaurant, calm and cozy with a beautiful fireplace. The musicians give a touch of elegance to your meal. The chef is a specialist in fish, therefore, the cooking is great. A sea-oriented menu which is the best thing about Essaouira. Trust me, you will love it for sure.

Dar El Medina , Rabat

This restaurant is charming and has preserved authentic Moroccan decorations. The service is warm and courteous. If you want simple yet excellent food this is the place to go. Dar El Medina’s cuisine is amazing and the food is fresh and very affordable. the best place to eat in Rabat: if you are in Rabat, make sure to pay them a visit.

El Morocco Club , Tangier

A lovely place in the Kasbah. Very nice staff and fine Moroccan and international cuisine, a unique place to spend an excellent evening with your partner. Hats off to whoever built this place. Impeccable service in a very warm environment. Moreover, the restaurant is located on the heights of Tangier in a completely renovated district, and the seafood is very well prepared and very fresh.

Squala Cafe Maure , Casablanca

The decor is attractive. The staff welcomes you with warmth and this restaurant has a very relaxed atmosphere, much quieter than Casablanca’s. The service is quick and dishes are of good quality and served in sufficient quantity. Very good cuisine with a diverse menu. You can eat Moroccan but also international. It’s a must for whoever comes to visit Casablanca

Villa Dakhla , Dakhla

The restaurant is ideally located near hotels. Chic & cozy restaurant and the terrace in front of the sea. The fries are the best, very tasty and very digestible which is rare. Well located close to the port and the fish market, a meal with oyster and seafood is the best dish you will ever taste in your life. The restaurant is old and authentic which makes it faithful to its historic reputation.

Al Fassia Aguedal

For a refined and delicious Moroccan cuisine, Al Fassia Aguedal is your restaurant. The quality keeps improving year after year. They also have a wonderful garden and a marvelous setting. The flavors in their food will delight your taste buds for sure.

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