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Morocco on The Map : Mini Geography Course

Morocco is one of the most important African tourist regions thanks to its charming history. With its perfect facilities and ancient archaeological sites that never fail to amaze its visitors, it is an unforgettable holiday destination. So, the question here is where is Morocco on the map? Where is it located and what are the largest tourist cities in Morocco? This is what we are going to answer in today’s article.

Where is Morocco on the map?

Morocco is an Amazigh- Arab African country located in the northwestern part of the continent. It overlooks the Mediterranean Sea to the north and the Atlantic Ocean to the west with the Strait of Gibraltar in the middle, separating it from Spain.

Morocco on The Map

Morocco is located to the west of Algeria, north to Mauritania. The maritime borders are faced by 3 Spanish islands on the other side of the coast. They are Melilla, Ceuta, and Comoran rock. That’s why they call it the gate to Europe.

To find out more you can install Google maps and take a deep look. Google maps, unfortunately, separates Morocco from its OWN Sahara, calling it “Western Sahara”. However, we felt the need to correct this huge mistake, therefore, you should know that Morocco has an area of ​​710,850 km². This includes the MOROCCAN SAHARA, not 400000 Km² like some websites claim.

The King of Morocco himself recently defended before the UN General Assembly the autonomy of the Sahara. He placed it under the domination and rule of Morocco. This makes it therefore Moroccan, as it has always been, with its people that want nothing but to keep living under the Moroccan flag.

Casablanca in Morocco

Casablanca is in the far west of North Africa. People distinguish it for its geographical location overlooking the Mediterranean Sea to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the west. It is known as the largest city in Morocco, and the third-largest city in Africa, after both Lagos and Cairo. In addition, it is one of the important Moroccan cities, as it is the commercial and economic capital of the kingdom and very close to the capital, Rabat.

Marrakech in Morocco

Marrakech is located in the province of Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz. It is the third city in terms of area in the Kingdom. Marrakech is located to the southwest of Rabat, the Moroccan capital, about 330 km away from Rabat. As for Tangier, Marrakech is about 580 km from the southwestern side of it, and it is located about 240 km southwest of Casablanca.

Fez in Morocco

The city of Fez is located in the direction of Fez-Boulemane in Morocco and was founded in the ninth century. Fez is in the far northeast of the Kingdom, and it occupies an intermediate position between the Moroccan coast that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and its center, and the city enjoys an abundance of underground water, eyes, and natural springs.

The Kingdom of Morocco is one of the countries in Northwest Africa that ranks 34th over the countries of the world in terms of population, with more than 34 million people.

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