Morocco Flight and Morocco Airport

Morocco flight is at the top of the list of the most preferred tickets to get. Not only its location but also visual aesthetics. It has everything you need to see so what is stopping you from booking your Morocco flight right now?
Even the word “Morocco” has a magical rhythm. A trip to Morocco will show you that the modern side of Morocco has a lot to offer other than camels. We’ll provide you with some general info that we thought you would need:

Some Morocco airports and their abbreviations:

Mohammed V International Airport CMN

This airport’s exact location is 30 km southeast of Casablanca. It is the most mobile airport in Morocco. Besides, it receives more than 6.2 million passengers.

Marrakech Menara Airport RAK

You will find yourself in front of a modern airport, which combines in its architecture modernity and originality. It values the great cultural heritage of Morocco, inspired by Islamic architecture. This airport never fails to amaze its travelers.

Agadir–Al Massira Airport AGA

The airport is in Agadir in the region of Souss-Massa in the south of Morocco. It is about 19 km from the city center, on the highway between Agadir and the region of Taroudant. Agadir-Al Massira is the third-largest airport in Morocco.

Rabat–Salé Airport RBA

An architectural model that attempts to integrate the originality of Moroccan architecture with contemporary air safety and security standards imposed by the International Civil Aviation Organization. The airport facilities include shops, cafes, snack bars, and tea houses. One of the walls of the passenger foyer has been dedicated to the exhibition of plastic arts and photographs.

Fès–Saïs Airport FEZ

The decoration and furnishing of Fes airport is a unique mixture between the modern creative touch and the prevailing traditional imprint. It highlights the position of the Moroccan traditional maker. Also, there are some distinctive works of art that are also displayed, inspired by the creativity of well-known Moroccan artists.

Tangier Ibn Battouta Airport TNG

Tangier Ibn Battuta International Airport is an international airport in Tangier located in Boukhalef. It is about 15 km from the city center and they derive its name from Muslim traveler Ibn Battuta. It embodies Moroccan art in all its diversity and tributaries, to tell about different historical stages, reminding travelers that the space that welcomes them celebrates culture, modernity, and creativity of Tangier.

Morocco flight

In July 2020 Moroccan Royal Airlines has opened the way for Moroccans wishing to return to the Kingdom to buy tickets. This decision will allow Moroccans stranded abroad and Moroccans around the world to go to the Kingdom. Of course, only those with good health conditions set by the government will book a Morocco flight.
Besides, the Moroccan government allowed Moroccan citizens and foreign residents of the Kingdom, as well as their families, to enter the national territory, starting from July 14, 2020, at midnight through the air and sea crossing points. Moroccan royal airlines and Air Arabia will program the largest possible number of flights in to make this process successful. Passengers must submit a PCR and a serology test of no less than 48h.

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