Morocco desert tour

Morocco Desert Tour : A Real Scenery

In spite of the harshness of life in the desert in eastern Morocco, its oases are one of its tourist attractions. It is the second-largest desert in the world with its sand dunes, rich in palm trees, olives, and eucalyptus. It is very pleasing to visit this desert. You can have a Morocco desert tour on Camels or cars and enjoy it in the evening inside tents.

Morocco desert tour, first stop: Erg Chebbi

Perhaps you’ve noticed that we mentioned this place previously in our article on the Moroccan desert. This natural masterpiece cannot go unnoticed. In the Merzouga Desert, tourists go on tours using camels. The best timing for that is before sunset. Among the places, they go to the foot of the Erg Chebbi highland, which is the most famous sand highland in the region that extends over an area of more than 22 km and 5 km wide.

Music in the heart of the desert

No Morocco desert tour is complete without the food of the soul. The sounds of nomadic music often with a few blues intonations. This music is sung by the tribes of the Moroccan Sahara alongside with poems, in Hassani or in the Tuareg language. It also mixes Moroccan, African, and Western rhythms in its artworks.

Morocco desert tour’s hot sand baths

According to the classification of the “National Geographic” magazine, Merzouga desert, located in ┘ĆErrashidia region is the fourth-best global destination for medical tourism. Its hot sands, whose temperatures can exceed 50 degrees Celsius, give a feeling of healing to people suffering from joint pain and rheumatism.

It is a destination for a number of Moroccans and foreigners for this purpose throughout the summer months. It has become a popular destination at the global level.

Abayno, the best mineral waters in the desert

Among the tourist destinations in the Moroccan desert is Abayno in the province of Guelmim. It is famous for its hot mineral water, which reaches a temperature of 38 degrees. This qualitative addition made it a pilgrimage to tens of thousands of visitors annually, from pleasure seekers to those who wish to recover.

Dakhla, the white dunes

Dakhla is a beautiful and charming city in Moroccan Sahara. One of the first destinations for kitesurfing. It’ where the white dunes meet the turquoise clean waters. There are also camps with traditional tents that allow you to sleep under the stars of the Moroccan desert. From its summit, we witness the spectacle of the meeting between these two antagonistic environments in the wild space.

The local Moroccans provide tourists with camel riding services on the outskirts of the desert. It requires tourists to adhere to a tourist program for one or more days with licensed tourist agencies. These agencies provide bedding requirements for sleeping and prepare food supplies and camping trips.

Camping trips allow you to enjoy a range of wonderful scenes in the desert. There are good activities for tourists, as they allow them to stay for days in the desert, and enjoy living in the wild and rocky mountains

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