Marrakech Weather

Marrakech Weather And How You Can Enjoy It

Today we are talking about one of the most important cities in Morocco.  Marrakech, the semi-tropical city, and the main destination for tourists from all over the world. Despite of its intense weather in the summer, there is a big difference between the day and night temperatures in Marrakech. Temperatures usually range between seven and 39 degrees Celsius. It rarely drops to five degrees Celsius or rises above 45° C.

Summer Weather

The summer in Marrakech is absolutely hot. Temperatures range between 35° and 42° C during the day, and 24° and 25 ° C at night, from June to August. However, it is the most popular season in the city, where many festivals take place. There is no rain at this time of the year.

Autumn Weather

Temperatures fall during the fall season from October to early November in the red city. They range between 32 and 25° C, nights become cold as the autumn season continues.

Winter Weather

Heat during the day may reach between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit from December to February. They decrease significantly at night as they reach 5° and 6° C.
January is the coldest month of the year in Marrakech, and winter is the rainy season especially February. Winter tends to attract tourists especially to celebrate new year’s eve.

Spring Weather

Spring has the best pleasant weather. It brings a new wave of charm to the palm city. Average daytime temperatures ranging from 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit from March to May, this is a perfect time to explore the city, souks, Ourika, and squares.

Marrakech prevails a warm atmosphere throughout the year, so the relatively dry climate is the prevailing climate in it, but despite the high temperatures that the city may witness, it is not considered dry land, because of its location on the slopes of the Atlas Mountains.

Things to do there

The city of Marrakech is in the Al-Haouz region and bordered by the Atlas Mountains from the east side. This city is located within a natural range full of great potentials. You will find it pleasant to walk in the streets of Marrakesh and visit the beautiful medina markets and its squares. The early morning or afternoon is one of the preferred times to go for a walk.

What makes Marrakech special is the various landmarks of the city, you will find a group of local markets of a popular nature, as well as gardens, palaces, and neighborhoods that are of archaeological importance. So let us get to know together with the places you can see while you are there:

-Saadi tombs.
-Majorelle Gardens.
-Jamaa el Fna
-The Koutoubia mosque.
-Bin Youssef Mosque.
-El Badii Palace.

Since Morocco’s independence in 1956, Marrakesh has continued to grow, with university and cultural facilities and agricultural markets have been established, and it has become a center of tourism in Morocco.

These were the most important points of weather and tourism in Marrakech, we gathered in this article everything you need to know about this lovely city, which reflects the Moroccan beauty and originality. It is a great example of elegance.

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