Marrakech Tour

Marrakech Tour And Why You Should Do It Soon

Marrakech is the main destination for desert trekking lovers. This Pearl is very popular among Europeans. They adore anything with the name of the Marrakech tour on it. Between sea and mountains, Marrakech deserves a tour.

Why you should do a Marrakech tour?

Marrakech was chosen in the last period by Travelers’ Choice Awards as the first tourist destination in the world among the 25 cities. It bypassed cities with wide fame such as Istanbul, London, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, and others. Marrakech due to its ancient history, cultural heritage, architectural design, and climatic considerations is the best with no doubt.

The palm city is truly one of the most attractive cities in north Africa for tourists all over the world. The history of this ancient city is still alive and vibrant, preserving its originality, flavor, and past centuries ago. If there is a place in the world where its past has become present, and the middle age has stopped with all its charm, splendor, myths, and imagination, then this magical place is Marrakech.

Tips before going on a Marrakech desert tour

Staying on a Marrakech desert is a journey that combines self-exploring and a good budget. We will give the necessary tips for a successful Marrakech desert tour, meanwhile, if you haven’t checked our article on Marrakech palm desert and the Morocco desert tour, make sure you check them out too on our website.

What is the best time for a Marrakech 2 days desert tour?

  • It is literally HOT in Marrakech during summer months. Depending on the route your tour guide will take, the climate will change a lot and it is, therefore, difficult to tell you when is the best time. One thing for sure, don’t take sweaters, rain is rare. July and August are very hot periods where temperatures can easily reach 48 degrees.

What to wear on the Marrakech desert tour?

  • Choose light clothes, But, don’t forget your warmer clothes for the night. The night in the Marrakech desert tends to be cold. Also, do not walk barefoot in the sand, it might burn your feet. It is best to always stay covered in the desert, and apply sunscreen.

Can you really have fun in the Marrakech desert?

  • Desert visitors can spend a pleasant and even romantic time with your partner, or relax in the tents fixed in the sand dunes where the sun kisses your skin. The most beautiful in the sky at night, it gets full of stars that will make your night enjoyable. You can attend night parties are often organized in the tents, which most tourists attend, and enjoy a charming and unique atmosphere.

What are the benefits of a desert trip?

  • A sand bath is an ideal remedy for menstrual and lower back pain, in addition to its role in treating cholesterol and muscle spasms. It also speeds up the process of burning fats in the body. The high temperature helps the people to benefit from Vitamin D. That’s why they call them the magical sands par excellence.

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