Marrakech Shopping

Marrakech Shopping : The Ultimate Guide

Marrakech or the capital of palm trees is the first city in Morocco in terms of Tourism. In addition to all of the city’s attractions, the city has a selection of the most famous markets and malls that you must go through before leaving. Marrakech shopping is indeed a must.

1. Menara Mall

Menara Mall Marrakech is an absolute place for shopping and leisure. The mall is located behind the charming Savoy Hotel and next to the Buddha-Bar Marrakech. Menara mall is one of the best malls in Marrakech. Its stores provide high-quality goods to the most famous international brands in various fields.

In addition to multiple options of entertainment and luxury such as a children’s play area, and bowling courts. The commercial center built in 2015, is located at the intersection of Mohamed VI Street and Bab Jdid Street, near Al Manara Gardens.

2. Almazaar Marrakech

Almazar Marrakech is in the tourist area of ​​Agdal. The center has a leisure activity developed with FunPark leisure space for children on 1,200 m2 and since April 2013, the largest bowling alley in Marrakech on 1,200 m2.

Perhaps it is the most famous of malls which has Carrefour for food, household goods and more. It has well-known restaurants for their high-quality local cuisine such as Asian and North African cuisine.

3. Carre Eden Shopping Center

One of the largest malls in Marrakech. It is a part of a multi-story residential complex and also includes a hotel, while the shopping area includes 80 stores and markets selling food commodities, fresh foods, tools, and home decor, with boutiques of clothes. It has a square for restaurants, cafes, libraries, and various other forms of entertainment tools.

4. Souks

Marrakech is a region of beautiful local markets, where small shops and local goods are scattered. Along the twisted alleys of the Jemaa El-Fna square, the souks of the Medina are spread. There, shoppers can purchase carpets, leather, ceramics, and antiques.

You will likely find pottery, baskets, embroidered textiles, and traditional shoes. Until each area was allocated according to the traditional craft. The souks are a famous tourist attraction and a special characteristic of the red city.

There are different entrances to the markets, you will find everything you need from perfumes, spices, and lanterns to shoes made of leather.

Useful tips for shopping in Souks:

  • Try shopping in the early morning, around 9 a.m. The vendors give the best deals when they are not quite awake.
  • Do not hesitate to enter a store and explore, tell the seller that you won’t buy anything so he doesn’t bargain.
  • If they offer you an expensive price ( because that’s what they usually do with tourists) for example 100 dollars, tell the merchant that it is the price of your flight ticket. This will make him step back.
  • If a product interests you, pretend otherwise. Do not hesitate to say that the same product is much cheaper in another store.
  • Pretend that you have just arrived in Marrakech and that you will come back soon. Believe me, he will drop the price by 30%!

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