Marrakech Palm Desert

Marrakech Palm Desert : A Heaven on Earth

For centuries, palm desert merchants have been using the desert to transport gold, ivory, and salt to other Moroccan cities. Although the time has passed, and tourism numbers in Morocco have risen, the Marrakech palm desert is still a lovely destination for travelers coming to Marrakech.

Marrakech palm desert

The palm desert extends over an area of ​​more than 1,200 hectares. It includes about 100,000 palm trees, and one of the basic components of the identity of the City. It has one of the most beautiful oases nationwide, which gives, in this way, a unique sight that amazes visitors. Palm trees, on the other hand, play a big role in providing shade and food thanks to its fruits.

Marrakech palm importance

Marrakech is famous for being “the city of palm trees”, in which abundant palm trees abound due to their geographical location. Palm oases play an essential role in preserving environmental balances in the Marrakech desert area. After it was an extension of agricultural areas, it became a date palm region. it dates back to the eleventh century after the stability of the Almoravids in the area.

Visit the beautiful palm desert

How about running away from the hustle of the red city? Riding camels in the Marrakech desert is a unique experience. It is a good ride to try. We can’t deny that palm trees are drying out a lot, maybe from lack of water and people’s neglect. Take a cap because it is super hot in the summer. For those who wish to enjoy the luxury of the place, you can relax near the palm groves pool. You will be welcomed by local Berbers who will also offer you a cup of mint tea in their houses.

What is so special about the place?

palms are not the only thing that makes Marrakech so attractive. The Agafay desert, thirty kilometers south of Marrakech stretches over several hundred hectares. Its white dunes are similar to the dunes of the Sahara we see in the movies. There is even an oasis in the middle of the desert, a true haven of relaxation and tranquility.

Currently, the palm desert is a luxury area; it is in an area that includes luxurious hotels and riads. Apart from the dates extracted from palm trees, the latter creates a perfect ecosystem. Marrakech palm desert is therefore an integral part of the city’s identity.

3 climates in one place!

Do you know the feeling of being alone in the world? That is how you will feel in the middle of this magnificent desert! A tea break with a Berber family shall give you the opportunity to explore the culture and customs of the locals! Then you can hit the road towards the Atlas Mountains and enjoy some snow, crazy right? it’s what makes Marrakech special, the city has multiple climates in different places that you will never feel bored!

Today, this place swings back and forth between tradition and modernity since many villas and hotels are established there.

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