Marrakech Medina

Marrakech Medina : Where Magic Happens

Moroccan kingdom’s government considers the city of Marrakech a tourist pole with distinction. International media institutions describe it as the “city of happy residents”. Africa’s first cultural capital for 2020. The Medina, where Jemaâ El Fna Square is, Moroccan traditional houses, ancient palaces, and museums.  Marrakech Medina is a tourist destination for the major figures of finance, business, politics, sports, art, and culture. Let get to know more about it then!

Marrakech medina structure and design

The structure of the Marrakech medina is famous for being the largest metropolis in Morocco and North Africa. Also, it is about 700 hectares and its center is the Koutoubia Mosque. We can compose the design of Marrakesh medina to three centers:
First, the Royal (Koutoubia and around it), and the second is scientific (the Mosque of Bin Youssef), and the third is traditional (Dar Al-Dabbagh). All this reflects the genius of Muslim architects. They planned to build “the medina”, to become a “royal city” par excellence.
The medina is famous for its old Moroccan style, which includes narrow alleys connected to each other, as well as the buildings that are contiguous and homogeneous color, as well as the homes of Andalusian Arab character.

What is it like to live in the Marrakech medina neighborhoods?

Living in the ancient city with its paths and alleys is a model based on the bonds of love, synergy, values ​​of contentment, patience, and moderation. Also, the alleys of the old city of Marrakech are kind of art galleries in the open air
The coexistence regimes in the medina are on the basis of proximity and neighborhood. Besides, the neighbor becomes an important part of the way of life of its people. Thus, families of the neighborhood, construct strong relationships and support each other in thick and thin.
Living there breaks social inequality, even at the level of its architectural style, which combines the unity of the external appearance and the difference in the interior spaces. The small doors hide luxury riads.

Facts about Marrakech medina you did not know

– Marrakech contains one of the largest souks in the kingdom of Morocco where you can find anything.
– It is famous for the handicraft and ceramic fabric, and it is also famous for carpentry and blacksmithing work.
– It is famous for its stray cats.
– One of its most popular drinks is Moroccan mint tea. Besides, they prepare couscous and Tanjia, which tourists adore.
The Marrakech International Film Festival is held every year in the city. Many international actors and actresses, as well as directors, from Hollywood and Bollywood, do not hesitate to come and enjoy the palm city’s charm.

Marrakech medina’s future

Many world tourism sites rank Marrakech as the best and largest tourist destination. Also, the title reflects the admiration of people for this old city. Its red walls, and other historical monuments dating back to the eleventh century. So, people, today must protect it, this is the only way to ensure the survival of this historic ancient city for the next generations.

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