Marrakech Jacket

Marrakech Jacket And Where You Can Find It

The leather industry in Morocco continues to follow the traditional and manual method, and it uses one hundred percent natural materials to make good products. Today, we have chosen to shed light on the Marrakech jacket and where you can easily purchase it.

Where can you buy a Marrakech jacket ?

Marrakech is famous for its permanent and weekly souks. These souks represent the historical and cultural heritage.

Souk Elkhmiss

One of the most important markets in the city is this Souk. A market that is known as a thriving commercial activity throughout the week. It becomes more active and crowded on Thursdays when people come to buy high-quality jackets and jeans. This market receives tens of citizens daily which makes it one of the destinations for leather products buyers. Many citizens come to buy clothes bearing international brands, household, and electronic equipment and antiques at cheap prices.

Souk Elhafra

This souk is full of a group of stores selling leather shoes and jackets and ready-to-wear. There are a lot of used clothes markets, you can go there hoping to find clothes bearing the signature of the finest international brands at low prices. In addition, there is also the souk of Sidi Maimoun, where you can find leather jackets bearing the LACOSTE or BOSS brand or American trousers for a price not exceeding 100 dirhams.

Night Souk

The Marrakech night market is a popular destination for many who prefer shopping during the pleasant atmosphere that prevails at night hours. You can enjoy watching the magic of Moroccan life, which appears clearly in the alleys of the market, and the experience of traditional Moroccan cuisine

Menara Mall

When you go to the Menara Mall Marrakech, your first goal will be a unique shopping experience because the mall contains everything you are looking for through the presence of shops with famous brands, where you can find leather products including jackets. The mall also provides you with all the household necessities, clothes, accessories, electronics, and much more.

Jamaa El Fna Souk

This square is the beating heart of Marrakech, the tourist destination, the tourist haven from the hustle of the city, there are many restaurants and antique Moroccan bazaars and markets right next to the square where you can find the highest quality jackets.

Al Mazar commercial center

Al Mazar Commercial Center, one of the most important modern commercial markets in the city of Marrakech, and includes a group of stores of the most famous brands where you can find jackets from Gucci and other international brands. You can even take beautiful pictures of you with friends and family, and keep them as souvenirs.

Tips to help you with your shopping

  • Stay as far as possible from Jemaa El Fna Square and nearby streets; the prices are high more than you can imagine.
  • Try buying from small artisans; You can still find them when you get far enough from the city center.
  • Always pay in dirhams.
  • Go shopping in the afternoon, you will likely find the local markets open.

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