Marrakech Car Rental

Marrakech Car Rental : 5 Agencies To Book From

Palm city of Morocco is one of the most touristic and dynamic cities in Morocco. To enjoy it, it is better to rent a car, so opt for a Marrakech car rental once you are there. Within Marrakech Menara Airport or outside, there are a lot of car rental agencies that we recommend you to use! Here are 5 agencies where you can rent a car while in Marrakech:

  • NAJM Cars Marrakech

Najm Cars is a top company! Their cars are in good condition with fair prices (insurance included), impeccable service (day and night). You can rent a Clio in 2018 and a Dacia in 2019 and many beautiful cars. Take a Dacia in order to remain unnoticed as a tourist. Pay in Euros or dollars on arrival, they deserve your trust. As soon as you will arrive, the Najm Car team will greet you warmly at the airport. They have super recent and neat vehicles.

  • Car Rental Ltd Marrakech

Trust me, you will book several times at this agency and it’s will go very well. Perfect responsiveness and flexibility. Prompt pick-up, some formalities that take no more than 10 minutes if there is no one in front, cars are clean and compliant. Very good communication, very helpful staff who will bring you the car and who is kind enough to bring you back to the hotel at the end of the rental; what are you waiting for then? rent your car now!

  • Omaya Cars

with Omaya cars in Marrakech, your trip will perfect. The very helpful staff is available all the time, professional service, cars that run perfectly. This agency provides its customers with cars that best meet their transportation needs in the medina. Tell them what you need and they will provide the most suitable cars. Using their cars, you can go to the countryside or to the Atlas Mountains, and experience the real adventure without worrying about technical misfunctions because this term is not in the Omaya cars dictionary.

  • Yakout Tours

The Yacout Tours agency allows you to rent the most beautiful and newest cars. Depending on your budget, it is possible to book several types of cars even the fanciest for a very good price. Now, if you are an adventurous person who enjoys desert tours, you can also rent 4X4 vehicles perfectly suited for the dunes of the Marrakech desert.

  • Fat Car Agency

I know the name might sound funny, but don’t let that mislead you because Fat Car agency has the best cars for your dream trip. Staff always attentive, with a very attractive price. Fat Car provides its customers with a whole range of new cars to satisfy them. The Fat car agency puts at your disposal very well-equipped cars either for family or a couple, small or big cars, they’ve got your back.

Car rental in Marrakech becomes a must operation nowadays thanks to a simple and short procedure that requires meeting minimum conditions: the driver should have at least 21 years with a valid international driving license.

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