Casablanca the pride of Morocco

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Casablanca, which is universally known, as “CASA” is a cosmopolitan city located in the heart of Morocco. It is the largest city in Morocco The local informal name of the city in Arabic language is Kaza. The city is located in the central western part of the country surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. This is also regarded as the largest important city in the continent of Africa and is economically sound.

Casablanca also houses the main port of Morocco and is one of the largest financial centers with leading Moroccan companies and international corporations. The Casablanca port is the largest artificial port in the world.

The establishment

The original name of the city was Anfa in Berber language. The Berber fishermen founded the city in the 10th century BC and was used by people as a port called the Anfa. After the Portuguese took control over the city in 15th century AD and they changed the name to Casablanca. This is a Spanish name meaning White House. Casablanca has a population of 4 million people and is one of the most progressive cities of Morocco. It is a trendy city where you can find all aspects of modernity but always with an attachment to Muslim traditions.

The major places of sightseeing in Casablanca

Clock Tower casablanca

Some of the major places of interest once you step into the beautiful city of Casablanca are following

  • The Hassan 2 Mosque
  • The Moroccan Jewish museum
  • Old Medina
  • Church of St John
  • Mahakma Du Pasha
  • Cathedral du Sacre Coeur
  • Abderrahman Slaoui Foundation
  • The Clock Tower

Getting to Casablanca

You can travel to Casablanca by the following ways

Getting around by plane

The main town of Casablanca is well connected by Mohammed v International airport that is 30 kms south east of the city on Marakkesh road. You can find regular flights that leave from here for most of the countries in Western Europe as well as Africa, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Middle East and America. Most of the Royal Air Marocs flights pass in Casablanca so you can always board this flight to stop over.

aeroport of casablanca

From the airport

You can avail various train services that run between Mohammed V International Airport and Casablanca’s Casa Port station at 4am and then at one hour intervals till 1o PM with a final service at 11.45pm. The train would stop at Oasis and Casa Voyageurs en route where you would need to change at the Dasa Port for all major destinations. The trains leave from the ground floor of Terminal 1.

People who like a more costly travel can avail taxis between the airport and the city center at a price of Dh300. Fares can rise up in the night and in times of high demand.

There are CTM bus stations Close to Ave des FAR which daily depart to destinations across the country. You can avail premium services as well.

You can avail various hotel services at affordable rates as well as luxurious hotels.

Casablanca is a beautiful city, which you must visit on your visit to Morocco. It is indeed a city worth viewing with its sumptuous food delicacies, great places to visit and a lively nightlife.

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