Best Morocco Tourism Places

Best Morocco Tourism Places That You Shouldn’t Miss!

Have you ever wondered what are the best Morocco tourism places?

Before answering, you should know that Morocco has succeeded in finding itself a place in the list of the best tourist destinations that you must visit during the coming years. Among the strengths of tourism in Morocco, the international tourists’ point is its proximity to Europe.
Also, the diversity that Morocco provides to tourists at the level of stays. Whether for hotels or Riyadh and the Kasbahs, this is not available in other Arab countries,. This allows tourists to communicate with the inhabitants of these areas and understand their way of living

Morocco tourism places in the south

Ourika, Marrakech

Ourika, located 60 km south of Marrakech, is a space for those looking for tranquility, relaxation, and enjoying the beautiful landscapes of Marrakech. And on the tourism level, Ourika is a real reservoir of natural sites. For instance, Oukaimden and the Siti Fatma Valley. From here, you can explore waterfalls. They are suitable for tourists to enjoy a natural landscape that depicts a green panel. Adventurous, hikers, outdoor lovers, this is your thing.

َAgadir’s beach, Agadir

Overlooking the coast of the Atlantic Ocean,  the high Atlas mountain range and rocky and dusty highlands surround the city, and it looks like a valley. The beach of Agadir is one of the most beautiful Moroccan beaches due to its qualifications, beauty, cleanliness, and the quality of its sands. It is the longest of its kind in Morocco. It attracts surf enthusiasts from all over the world and in every tourist season. 300 days of sunshine all over the year, isn’t it amazing?

Kasbahs of Ouarzazate

The capital of Moroccan cinema, and the Hollywood of Africa. The beauty of Ouarzazate lies in the splendor of its authentic Amazigh architecture. They are a historical and cultural heritage that tells the future generations about the glorious history of the region. The Kasbahs play the role of tourist attraction and have contributed to the attraction of many Hollywood films.

Morocco tourism places in the north:

The Cave of Hercules, Tangier

The cave is a cultural and inherited symbol of great splendor. The cave became a tourist destination, in which some search for awe of legends. Some enjoy the waves of the Mediterranean sea instead. It is worth mentioning that the strategic location of the cave in the city of Tangier has raised its tourist stock. Tangier has, thus, became a permanent destination for tourists.


Tetouan has unique and unlimited qualifications. It was recognized by UNESCO as a world human heritage in 1997. There are many tourist attractions in Tetouan, as soon as you access it, you will find yourself inside a living museum. The city provides a lot of historical beauty to see and explore. It has some of the designed mosques, schools, and ancient forts, besides that, the local markets also reflect the traditional Moroccan heritage.

In a nutshell, this is an overview of Morocco tourism places. This country combines the authenticity of the East and the charm of the West. Do not hesitate to visit and tell your friends about it.

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