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Agadir MoroccoThings to know

Agadir – Morocco – land of the beaches

Agadir is one of the most important cities of Morocco, which is located at the shore of the Atlantic Ocean,near the foot of the Atlas Mountains.  It is at a distance of 508 km to the south of Casablanca. Agadir is a busy port with a sprawling golden beach resort visited by thousands of travelers. An earthquake however, unfortunately ravished Agadir in 1960 and it has to be rebuilt.

Agadir is one of the most luxurious destinations of Morocco and what lure travelers to this beautiful city is the sun, blue crystal waters of the golden beaches, the jostling pubs full of people and the smell of crunch and sumptuous pizza. Agadir is known to cater to families who would like to spend a relaxing time on the beaches, swimming and frolicking on the golden sands. There are some sightseeing places as well.The best time to visit this beautiful beach resort is around the months of January when the temperatures are mild and the waters are warm.

The name Agadir comes from the meaning wall, or a fortified business.This comes from the Berber language. The city of Agadir’s full name in Tashelhit is Agadir n Yighir that means the fortress of the cape.

How to travel to Agadir – Morocco

The Al Massira airport, which is 28 kms south east of Agadir, is visited by various European flights.You can also avail the major bus services that you can book ahead of time.Enjoy a comfortable ride from the airport to Essaouira.You can also avail various car hire services around the corner of the city. Bus 37 runs from outside the airport to Inezgane from where you can travel to Agadir and the entire close by destinations throughout southern Morocco.There are also orange taxis that could take you all around Agadir.The prices would be displayed on the meter.Travel to Agadir with some of the best transport services at affordable prices.

Different sights to visit in Agadir – Morocco

Morocco agadir sites to visit

The different places to visit in Agadir are the following

  • Kasbah
  • Paradise Valley
  • Marina
  • Vallee des Oiseaux
  • Jardin de Olhao
  • Musee Du Patrimoine amazigh
  • Ancienne Talborrjt
  • The Massa lagoon is a must visit that is morocco’s largest bird sanctuary
  • The ancient walled city of Taroudant is also within easy reach

Agadir – Morocco : Premium holiday destination

Agadir beach

Agadir is Morocco’s premium holiday destination for its beach. The city has a golden beach that stretches for more than 9 kms along the Atlantic coast. Agadir is filled with palm lined avenues with cafes, restaurants and hotels. The city however is dominated by its culture and heritage and if you walk past the crowded streets of Morocco you can see colorful bazaars that are imbibed with fragrant smelling spices and minarets. If you are in the mood for some adventure, camel riding is a great way to get around Morocco.

Hotels in Agadir – Morocco

There are various hotels in Agadir that range from economy class hotels to expensive hotels.Choose from some of the best hotels like the Riu palace Tikida, hotel Kenzi Europa, The Club Hotel Riu Tikida. Enjoy a great day relaxing in the clean golden beaches of Agadir and you would never feel like going back.

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